Find Relief From Morton’s Neuroma

If you have the feeling of something being caught in your shoe that won’t go away, you probably have Morton’s neuroma. This common condition happens when a nerve that runs to your toes becomes inflamed. This inflammation makes it feel like something is stuck in your shoe and the pain can get worse over time. The Centre For Morton’s Neuroma will treat your condition and they can help you when other options have failed.

There are many reasons why the nerve can become irritated and inflamed. Wearing shoes that are too tight can inflame the nerve and wearing high heels can trigger the condition. You might also get it from doing repetitive exercises that involve your feet like running.

At first, you are going to feel like you have something stuck in your shoe. The irritation is mild, but as the condition gets worse, so does the pain. Eventually, you might not even be able to put any weight on your affected foot. The pain can become very intense.

The condition usually only affects one side of your foot. Some people experience burning while other people begin to feel a numbness or tingling in the toes. The pain will often come and go and happen more often as the condition progresses. Women tend to get the disorder more than men and surgery is often the recommended course of treatment.

Surgery isn’t always the best treatment. It doesn’t always work and you have to deal with a long recovery period. A better alternative is to go with a non-invasive approach from the Centre For Morton’s Neuroma. They will do everything they can do to help you avoid surgery and they offer a wide range of treatments that will help your neuroma. Surgery is only offered as a last resort if all the other treatment options have failed.

When you make an appointment with the Centre For Morton’s Neuroma, the doctor will take down your medical history and you will also want to disclose any treatment you have already had for the disorder. This is going to help the doctor plan an appropriate treatment for you.

Orthotics can be used to help heal your foot and stop the pain. They are custom made for your foot and they help to alleviate the pressure on the nerve. Orthotics can be a very effective treatment. You might also consider stem cell injections into your foot.

Stem cells come from your bone marrow and they go right to the injured area to help heal it. The injections are powerful and the stem cells will multiply and actually repair your foot. Stem cell injections are an exciting new treatment and they can naturally heal and cure Morton’s neuroma.

If other methods haven’t worked and you are still experiencing foot pain, you might want to consider stem cell therapy. It really works and it is completely natural. The treatments are safe and they will actually cure the condition so you can walk like normal again.